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Contact us at 402-721-2777 • 450 N Main St. • Fremont, NE 68025
Contact us at 402-721-2777 • 450 N Main St. • Fremont, NE 68025

Trails Erwin Side Chair

SKU 813-620S
Why You’ll Love This Dining Chair As the world around us grows increasingly synthetic, we have this desire to connect with something real. We long for retreat. Instead of rushing to the next appointment, to simply pass along the trail and enjoy what it has to offer. At Kincaid we feel this connection too. To not only be inspired by our favorite trails, but to capture their natural character. In an increasingly artificial world, why not come home to something authentic, peaceful, and timeless.


Featured-0 21.0"w
Featured-1 Solid wood construction for quality and beauty that will last a lifetime
Featured-2 Multi-step finish system to highlight the natural beauty of the wood
Featured-3 *Combinations of different solid wood species are used
Featured-4 *Not all exposed surfaces are constructed of solid wood
Featured-5 Includes left arm (as you are seated in the loveseat)
Featured-6 Generous proportions with lush curves and comfy casual style
Featured-7 Tall blown-fiber split backs with pillowy-soft support
Featured-8 Inviting sculpted bucket chaise seat and legrest form a continuous zone of comfort
Featured-9 Adjust the left seat recline and legrest independently from the rest of the unit
Featured-10 Power-adjustable headrest and lumbar provide customizable support for your head, neck and spine
Featured-11 Side-mounted 4-button control panel enables independent adjustment of back, legrest, headrest and lumbar
Featured-12 Built-in USB port powers your smartphone or tablet
Featured-13 Double-picked blown fiber fill for improved cushion loft and shape retention
Featured-14 High grade foam seat cushions maintain their comfort and appearance
Featured-15 Premium grade fabrics and leathers tested to resist wear and fading