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450 N Main St. • Fremont, NE 68025 • Contact us at 402-721-2777
450 N Main St. • Fremont, NE 68025 • Contact us at 402-721-2777

GE® 30" Built-In Convection/Thermal Wall Oven

True European Convection with Precise Air A reversing fan circulates heat and air for evenly browned and baked foods Flat back convection (upper oven) Convection fan system is only 1" deep to provide additional room for cookware Convection Bake (upper oven only) This setting is optimal for baking casseroles or lasagnas, yeast breads, pies and pizzas with no need to turn the pan Convection Roast (upper oven) Optimal for larger cuts of meat, this setting rotates the heat around all sides, sealing in the juices, producing rotisserie results at up to 25% faster than a conventional oven Hidden bake oven interior Conceals the lower oven bake element to eliminate hard-to-reach areas that collect food and spills for easy cleaning Self-clean oven Self-clean allows you to spare yourself from the trouble and effort it takes to scrub the oven interior TrueTemp oven system Even heat distribution and maximum oven control Extra-large oven capacity Enough room to cook an entire meal at once Improved lighting Positions lamps diagonally across the top of the oven to promote better viewing Heavy-duty oven racks Tough, durable racks include 50% thicker crossbars for extra strength Convection Roast (upper oven) Even roasting with rotisserie results


Featured-0 True European Convection with Precise Air
Featured-1 Flat back convection (upper oven)
Featured-2 Convection Bake (upper oven only)
Featured-3 Dimensions: 52 7/8 H x 29 3/4 W x 23 1/2 D