Carpet Pads

Carpet pads maximize and extend your carpet’s plush feel and high performance.  They also improve your carpet’s acoustical and insulating properties, making the room quieter and warmer.  Our carpet pads are 100% rebounded foam, providing excellent comfort and durability for all of your carpeting needs.  We offer a wide selection of pads in various thicknesses and densities to accommodate every client, every lifestyle and every budget.

3/8” Thick 5 lb. Density

This carpet pad is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers, ensuring comfort and durability.

7/16” Thick 6 lb. Density

Protect your floors and extend the life of your carpet at a low price.  Enjoy great comfort with every step.

3/8” Thick 8 lb. Density

Perfect for high-traffic areas for both residential and commercial flooring, this carpet pad pairs well with Berber and LCL Pattern carpets.

1/2” Thick 8 lb. Density

The additional thickness of this carpet pad is perfect for those looking for a more padded and comfortable feel.  It is approved for high-traffic areas.

1/2” Thick 8 lb. Density Memory Foam 

This carpet pad is a premium carpet cushion made with high-grade viscoelastic memory foam scrap to provide a luxurious feel.  This pad is equipped with a high-quality mouisture barrier film to help keep spills from reaching your housing structure.


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