Best Carpets for Pet Owners

From dogs to exotic reptiles, our pets are more than just animals – they are an important part of the family, providing joy and companionship!

There are a few guidelines to consider when choosing pet-friendly carpet that looks good and provides comfort for every member of the family – including our four-legged and feathered friends.

Stain Resistance and Easy Maintenance

Accidents happen!  It’s important to choose a carpet with advanced stain resistance technology.  Both nylon and polyester are excellent at preventing stains from pet accidents.  Products such as Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Remover protect your carpet from the base to the tip of the yarn.  Its patented technology repels and treats stains without the hassles of chemical residue and rinsing.

Carpet Color

If your pet sheds, you might consider a carpet color that matches its fur.  This will easily hide any shedding that happens between vacuuming.  Carpets with varied flecks of color are also ideal for homes with pets, as it can hide any dirt or debris that gets tracked in, before you have time to clean it.


Not all carpet types are created equal.  The loops of a Berber style carpet could get caught on your pet’s claws, especially if they like to scratch and dig the floor.  Texture/Saxony and twist/frieze carpet styles are both tightly-woven, durable carpet types ideal for high paw traffic.

Krasne's flooring specialists will help you choose the right carpet, so your home can be stylish and comfortable for both you and your pets.